Affirmations that state facts

First in the Affirmation Series

Here begins a new series on our Blog.

she knows a lot“She knows a lot!”

Toward the end of life, people may become discouraged. Life is more difficult because of physical aches and pains and health dilemmas. One looks ahead and is uncertain how future days will unfold. “Will I be able to endure?” Troubling thoughts stir and may lead to fear and sadness.

The older person recalls youth and high hopes, and having the energy to meet goals through hard work. How different it is to look back and see completions of life’s work or see that we could not meet each goal. The family is grown, the church no longer needs our services, retirement began some time ago. “What should we do?”

For your family in a nursing facility, these feelings may be common. Everyone is different, but for most of us, getting older is an unfamiliar landscape. It feels strange to take steps toward the end of life. People may tell the elderly to think positive, but such advice cannot be understood in the same way as it was in younger days.

In this blog series we will suggest some affirmations that we hope will ring true when you encourage your loved one in the nursing home.

To begin, if your loved one is struggling with discouragement, tell him or her to repeat these words, after you say them: “I love my family and friends.”

This is a true statement and not an unrealistic one like, ‘what the mind can conceive the body will achieve.’

“I love my family and friends.” The person who can say this is a special and good person, and someone whom anyone would like to know. We celebrate and enjoy life when we say that we love our family and friends. A loving heart is like an open flower in the sunlight. Beautiful, fresh, worthy of appreciation and care.

Let’s say it again, “I love my family and friends.”

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