Hope is necessary

Fourth in the Affirmation Series

You may think of many more, but for this Blog series, our fourth and final Affirmation is: I have hope.

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Are you a person with a hopeful, positive outlook? Which box would you check?

◻ sometimes ◻ usually ◻ never ◻ not very often

If you were limited to a bed or wheelchair, or if you had an uncaring roommate… or if you could not move without pain, how might that affect your outlook? When we feel we cannot control most details of our lives, feelings of hopelessness can creep in.

A loud TV or not being able to hear one— an aide who did not answer your call quickly— a nurse who did not seem to care about you— small hurts and problems mount up. Each slight seems to be directed at us personally.

When you visit with your loved one, you could ask where they fall on the Hope Scale. Perhaps their answer will shine a light on something you can do to help them.

An affirmation for your loved one and for all of us who feel neglected or under God’s frown is: I have hope.

I feel neglected but I still have hope. A better moment will come soon.

I feel frustrated but I do hope this day will shape up.

I feel ignored but I hope that my life will still be useful even though I cannot see how.

I feel hopeless but I do hope and I will keep hoping.

We cannot live without hope.

Photo credit: Jenny Erickson, FreeImages.com

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