Tech Savvy Baby Boomer: Staying Connected

zooming‘Zoom’ became an action verb during the early weeks of the Coronavirus pandemic for all of us.

However, no group was more drastically impacted by face-to-face encounters shifting to the digital world than Baby Boomers and the elderly.

Because of COVID-19, many retirement homes like Maple Manor Christian Home responded proactively, restricting visitors with the tenant’s health interests in mind. But simultaneously, they leveraged visual communication like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to help keep their seniors connected. In doing so, these seniors were able to ‘virtually visit’ their loved ones.

Now that we are starting to see the end of the pandemic, many things will slowly return to normalcy. But one thing looks to remain: the usage of digital technology by older generations that did not grow up with it.

We Never Stop Learning

From birth on, the human mind continuously develops. This means we never stop learning, as evidenced in the reality that more members of the Baby Boomer generation and above are familiarizing themselves with digital technology.

They are opening themselves up to a whole new world of communication with their loved ones, even when those loved ones cannot be there in person. Additionally, these seniors now have the privilege to stay connected to the world through news, literature, music, and more.

There are certainly plenty of setbacks and areas of caution that seniors just learning how to work with digital technology must be aware of; however, just as easily as they are learning to work with these exponential tools, they can learn to use them safely. If you are a Baby Boomer or part of any other senior generation, explore the following digital options.

Options In Tech

The connectivity provided by the Internet and digital devices has been proven to keep an older individual’s mind active. It is wise to start simple; enjoy entertainment media by way of streaming your favorite music, watching your favorite movies and TV programs, or reading books digitally.

Obviously, social media is an even more interactive way to make digital technology part of your daily routine. This is a primary way to stay connected to your loved ones when they are unavailable to video chat, but when utilizing social media, make certain you only connect with those you know to avoid spam and scams.

Thirdly, game apps are extremely engaging, interactive, fun, and completely secure to use without needing to provide any personal information. For example, card game apps are generally played against anonymous, but real, players from all around the world.

A Tech-Friendly Christian Home

At Maple Manor Christian Home, digital technology and its benefits are whole-heartedly embraced. With a caring, knowledgeable staff, tenants get the unique ability to learn from those well-versed in technology; therefore, they can help you or your loved one stay connected and engaged with the world.

Call 812-246-4866 for a tour of Maple Manor and to learn more about us today!

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