Reasonably Positive

Third in the Affirmation Series

A Third Affirmation: I am not a terrible person.


Most of us who are conscientious will at times condemn ourselves. We will scold ourselves mercilessly in our silent yet noisy thoughts.

Perhaps we realize we have hurt the feelings of someone we love; maybe our “thought life” has been terrible, and we know God hears all our thoughts. Each of us would have a unique confession but none should feel alone in the tendency to have a bad temper or attitude.

Turning over a new leaf can start with an answer back to the self-condemnation! Encourage your loved one to repeat after you: I am NOT a terrible person. I love God, I love my family and friends, and when I feel like I don’t really love them at all, I know that it is only a temporary failing. I will do better. I am old and I can still change many things in my life. I am not old in my heart.

Then, tell your loved one that he or she is a wonderful person.

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